Medical treatment can cure most STIs or treat the symptoms. Possible consequences of an untreated STI are:

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If you do not get treatment, you might infect your partner.

Get tested if you want to know for sure that you do not have an STI.

The sooner you are treated, the less serious the consequences of an STI. If you get treatment early, most STIs can be cured or the symptoms can disappear, without permanent damage to your health.

Medische behandeling kan de meeste soa’s genezen of de symptomen behandelen. Mogelijke gevolgen van een onbehandelde soa zijn: 

Vrouw praat met een dokter.

Als u niet wordt behandeld, kunt u uw partner besmetten.

Laat u testen als u zeker wilt weten dat u geen soa heeft.  

Hoe sneller de behandeling start, hoe minder ernstig de gevolgen zijn van een soa. Als u snel wordt behandeld, kunnen de meeste soa’s genezen of de symptomen kunnen verdwijnen, zonder blijvende gevolgen voor uw gezondheid.

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General practitioner
You can talk to a general practitioner about every intimate topic. If necessary, a general practitioner can refer you to a specialised health professional. Refugees who have been granted (temporary) asylum choose a general practitioner in their municipality. Asylum seekers in an asylum seekers’ centre can consult a general practitioner at the centre.
Soa Aids Nederland
If you think you have an STI, it is important that you get tested. List of addresses for STI tests and vaccinations.
If you are younger than 25, you can contact Sense with questions about contraception, sexuality and STIs. You can do this via email, telephone, online chat or by making an appointment for the Sense consultation hours.
Jouw GGD - Your municipal public health service
If you are younger than 25 and have questions about health, sexuality, your body, feelings, alcohol or drugs you can ask your question via email or online chat.
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